We follow the Xseed methodology of teaching from LKG to Std.III and Samacheer syllabus for all other classes.



English – Knowing the Alphabets and understanding that each letter is associated with a sound through phonetics, basic vocabulary and a few sight words.

Maths –Numbers, Counting, Understanding the concepts of less &more, simple additions & subtractions

Science – Living & non living things, Health Talk, Nature talk with regular Field trips.

General -Artwork, Colouring, Picture Conversation, Puzzle play, Rhymes & Story telling.

Social skills - waiting for turn, using Please, Sorry, Thank you appropriately, making polite requests, Showing care & concern, Healthy habits.

Gross motor skills through outdoor play, Fine motor skills & Cognitive skills through various puzzle play are also included.

Std. I & II

Apart from the regular course of study Handwriting is also given due importance. Physical Education, Art Education, Value Education, Computer Science, Reading and Communicative English are the other subjects taught.


In addition to the curriculum till II, Hindi is introduced. Along with Physical Education classes to develop a well balanced mind & body, Yoga & Karate are also additionally taught.

Monday & Wednesday

Extra curricular activities such as Western dance, Silambam , Tailoring , Craft , Band and Skating are scheduled. Students choose their classes in the beginning of the academic year and continue learning the skill for a year.


Club Activity & Mass Drill. Various Clubs including Chess and Photography are functioning and students attend by choice of their interest.

After school hours, between 4.30 and 5.30 p.m. JRC (Junior Red Cross), Cubs and Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides classes are conducted weekly.

Std. IX & X

As they enter into IX Std. priority is given to Academics and to all the regular academic subjects. However, Physical Education for fitness, Communicative English for presentation skills & Library Hour for knowledge which is the need of the hour, alone are continued.


Group I A : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
Group I B : Mathematics ,Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Group III A : Economics , Commerce, Accountancy and Computer Science.
Group III B : Economics , Commerce, Accountancy and Business Maths. Languages Offered: Tamil / French