The Activities in Pre KG , LKG & UKG are organized and guided by the primary Incharge Mrs. Y. Mahajabeen, M.A. B.LIS, KG trained. Her patience and perseverance with sixteen years of experience in the KG helps us to bring innovations in KG. All the teachers in the kinder garden are child friendly and this makes our children to feel at home away from home.

 We follow Theme based curriculum for our kinder garten . We take up a theme for every month like animals, birds, seasons, festivals etc and rhymes we teach, the activities we do, the work sheets we prepare, the conversations we make will all be based on the chosen themes whereby children get specialized in the themes from all aspects.

 We have a sand pit specially meant for Pre KG & LKG. Special play area for KG is meant to develop the physical activities. Our routine in KG is as follows.

  9.10 A.M. to  9.50. A.M     Outdoor free play in sand pit and organized play.
  9.50 A.M. to 10.30 A.M     Rhymes time
10.30 A.M. to 10.45 A.M     Snacks time.
10.45 A.M. to 11.30 A.M     Creative activity/ computer activity/ Indoor play time with toys and puzzles.
11.30 A.M. to 12.10 P.M     Story time

 Through these activities children develop their language skill, social skill, fine motor skill and gross motor skill. Our KG rooms are made colourful to create a cheerful environment. Here the children are put into different activities like painting, identifying the objects, counting, Numbering recognizing the alphabets through computer. This will enable them to have a firm foundation in IT.

 Children are not subjected to any test and judged on the basis of marks they score at this young age. Instead, each and every aspect of the children’s learning is evaluated through comprehensive and continuous evaluation and conveyed to the parents periodically. Many oral competition from rhymes recitation to Thirukkural recitation are conducted for these tiny tots from time to time. This keeps the children highly motivated and makes learning a pleasure. It provides opportunities to develop the individual abilities to fullest potential.

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