Other Activites

Education extends beyond the confines of the class room. Yoga, Karate, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Art Education, Value Education, Handwriting and Spoken English are included in the curriculum at the primary and middle school level.  Our qualified coach encourages the students to excel themselves in different games like volley ball, throw ball, Hockey, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho,   Shot-put, Relay and High jump.

Extra Curricular Activities like Gymnastics, Band, Silambam, Sloka & Bhajan, Hindi, Arts & Crafts, Needle work, Tailoring , Scouts & Guides, JRC , Science activity classes and Club activities provide ample opportunities to bring out their hidden talents.  Our Cubs & Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides are trained by a special coach for Rajya Puraskar.