Functions & Celebrations


EAT HEALTHY TO STAY HEALTHY “ was the idea behind organizing
 “FRUIT DAY “ for KinderGarten Tinytots at “SHIKSHAA “ on Wednesday ( 19.08.2015 ) . Our Tinytots enthusiastically displayed the fruits and explained about fruits and their importance and uses.
    Our beloved Secretary Madam Mrs.KanchanaRanjith and Principal Madam Dr.K.Meenakshi applauded the efforts of children for participating in this activity.
    FRUIT – Normally means the flesh seed –associated structure of a plant that are sweet or sour. Such as Apple , Strawberry , Orange , Grapes & Lemon…
    FRUITS benefit kids in many ways in improving their nutrition .
    Children’s growing bodies require good nutrition . At SHIKSHAA we organized a “ FRUIT CARNIVAL SHOW “ , In order to create an awareness that eating fruits will provide a wide range of nutrients that help the children to grow healthy
        Fruit carvings and designs made with the help of KG Teachers attracted the audience.
    Finally we all relished a healthy and tasty FRUIT SALAD.


Shikshaa has something special for its KINDERGARTEN children , which is the “GRADUATION DAY”. We dress them in “GRADUATION  GOWN”  and present them  a certificate and a Memento. Our Buds participate in various cultural programme like songs , western dance , folk , English skit [Sleeping Beauty], Tamil play  etc.., parents enjoy their kids performance. Our Kindergarten children are  really amazing. The Graduation day , wonderful feast for our eyes.




Independence Day was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm. The day started off with the prayer song rendered by our choir girls. Our beloved Principal welcomed the gathering.She gave an eloquent speech on the sacrifice of our great leaders and the need to safeguard our country from all the evil forces.

The flag was unfurled by our respectful Principal. The students saluted the National  flag and rendered the song Vanda Mataram and also took the pledge.

Then students gave powerful speeches in Tamil and English, in which they described the progress of our country during the last Sixty eight years . In their speech they paid rich tribute to the Indian Matyrs.

Our beloved Vice Principal Mrs.K.Varudhini delivered  the vote of thanks. The National Anthem was played on the guitar by M.Haritha of std XI A. Sweets were distributed to all the students.


The Kindergarten Department celebrated Green colour day on 26th August 2015. This day was of great fun for all and was designed to help the youngest to identify the colour to talk about them and to think about how colour enhances and influences their lives.

The Green day was celebrated by Junior K.G, the teachers displayed different coloured green objects brought by the children. All children came dressed up to school in different shades of green outfits.

Green is the colour of the nature.The children planted saplings and watered them and learnt about the importance of keeping their surrounding environment green.The Green day celebration helped children to explore the nature .

Our school correspondent and Principal gave their full support to make the green colour day a grand success.


Project Display was organised at Shikshaa Matric.Hr.Sec.School, on 12.08.2015 & 13.08.15 (Wednesday) .The Middle school & Primary students displayed their projects on various topics like environmental pollution, forestation & deforestation Formative assessment projects and scrapbooks were a feast to the eyes. The projects on volcanic eruption, tribute to Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam and Science in everyday life were highly informative and educative. All students explained their project and won appreciation. The Principal Dr.Meenakshi, Vice Principal Mrs.K.Varuhini, Co-ordinatior Mrs. G.Prameela and Primary In charge Mrs.Y.Mahajabeen evaluated the projects and announced the prizes.




Our school celebrated children’s Day on November 14th on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday . He was a man with determination and strength of character. His love for people and affection for children made him very popular. So children call him as “ Chacha Nehru “ .
Children play a vital role to make our future India Democratic . Recently UN survey says India stands first highest youth population.
In Our school, we entertained children with lots of games in the morning session. After the lunch break, teachers gave many entertaining and enjoyable performance through various dance and drama . Teachers conveyed the message for the betterment of child’s life through their drama.
Finally, our programme ended with an eloquent speech given by our loveable secretary Mrs.Kanchana Ranjit.

    The 22nd Annual sports meet of Shikshaa was held on Saturday 29th November.The sports meet was inaugurated by Mr.R.Thamil Selvam, International FootBall coach [ Former Secretary of Kancheepuram Dist. Foot ball Association ]The opening ceremony commenced with flag hosting, March past, Lightening the Olympic torch and oath taking. It started with various entertaining programmes like Duster Dance, Human Pyramid , Yoga , Silambam , Karate , Balloon Mass drill and Boys western dance. It was a grand show There was a close competition among four houses Lily, Hibiscus ,blue bells and  Tulip. 100m , 200 m , 400 m were conducted for boys and girls . The chief guest congratulated the participants and distributed the prizes.
Our Secretary Mrs.Kanchana Ranjit distributed the prizes for the winners and our  Principal addressed the gathering. Our Vice Principal Mrs.Varudhini proposed the vote of thanks.
    The Sports meet concluded with the de hoisting of the flag and the National Anthem

Gokulashtami was celebrated on 4th September in a very grand manner at Shikshaa. Our tiny tots were very well dressed up boys as Lord Krishna and girls as Radhe. More than 250 kids participated on this occasion.

As a part of celebrations, we displayed a big banner showing various childhood mischief’s of Lord Krishna. Fruits and snacks like cheedai, Murukku, thattai and sweets were offered to Lord Krishna.

There was a beautiful dance performance by our blossoms which was appreciated by our Honorable Secretary Madam and Principal Madam.It was really a memorable day for children. They enjoyed a lot..

    In our school we celebrated Republic day with great joy and pride. Students showed interest to decorate the flag post and the school campus. Our school Principal hoisted the National Flag and delivered the inaugural speech on the importance of the celebration of this national day.
The patriotic song, which was sung by the students was superb. Our Co ordinator gave vote of thanks.

ANNUAL DAY 2013-14
Annual Day-a day of colours , talents, music, dance, joy and so on. Our School too celebrates with meticulous planning and brilliant execution. This year the day was so exciting with lots of dance performances which were excellent and will always remain in the memory of audience.
    The event began with the prayer song beautifully sung by the high school girls. Our secretary Mrs.R.Kanchana whole heartedly welcomed the audience. One of the main parts of the event was the Annual Day Report.  The accomplishments of the school was proudly presented by our school Principal. Our chief guest Dr.A.Rajadurai ( Director, centre for affiliation of Institutions ) honoured the students who have achieved General Proficiency Awards as well as the school toppers of the board exams 2012-13
The colourful cultural events, were packed with varieties of dance performances and interesting plays. The cultural feast started with a welcome dance beautifully performed by primary students, following which made us to tap our feet for its own unique beats.
    The program “ Dhasavataram “ was a spectacular one where children show cased the various avatars of Lord Vishnu. The mime show on “ conservation of nature” was quite interesting and thought provoking . The English play titled “ The Last supper “ picturised the miracles of Lord Jesus. We also enjoyed the butterflies gracefully performing a wonderful dance with the colourful lights in the Butterfly dance. The Tamil play was from one of the great epics “ Ramayana “ which featured the story of Lord Rama where he was sent to the forest sacrificing the throne and how he got back to the throne successfully , showing an example for various human values.
    The excitement continued with the wonderful Bangra dance and finally ended with our Tamil Nadu style folk dance performed enthusiastically by the boys and girls. The programme concluded with the vote of Thanks by our Vice Principal Mrs.K.Varudhini who took a chance to appreciate and thank all the people who have involved in making the Annual Day, a grand show. We all departed with fresh wind and excitement after the National Anthem sung along with the students who have performed the flag dance.