Syllabus & Curriculam

Shikshaa Matriculation Hr Sec School follows the State Board syllabus meticulously, from classes I to X. For classes XI and XII it follows the curriculum of the Board of Higher Secondary Education. Apart from the syllabus given by the Board, the subjects viz., value education, computer science, Reading, Spoken English, Handwriting , art Education , Yoga , Karate and general knowledge are also included After the careful designing the subject experts will select the text book and the study materials for the year.The curriculum design is made at the beginning of each year to implement this carefully knit system, dedicated teachers facilitate the flow of knowledge to the students.

In the Kindergarten  section, the  following Subject are offered: (L.K.G. to U.K.G):

phonic drill, play way arithmetic, , learning creative work, alphabet and numbers, Tamil, singing, General Knowledge  , Collage work , Nature talk, health talk, Artwork , colouring & finger painting.

In the Pre-Primary  section, following Subjects are offered: (I & II):

English, Tamil, Maths, EVS, Drawing, general knowledge, computer science, value Education, physical education, Reading , Handwriting and spoken English / Spelling class.

In the Primary  section, the following Subject are offered: (III, IV TO V)

General knowledge, value education, Reading , Handwriting, Spoken/spelling class, physical education, drawing ,computer science, Yoga and Karate, English, Tamil, Maths, General science, Social studies.
In the Middle School section, following Subjects are offered:(VI, VII, VIII)

English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History & civics, Geography, , computer science, , physical education, , value education , Yoga /karate, Library, Spoken English / Spelling class.

In the High School section,the  following Subjects are offered: (IX toX):

English, Tamil,  Maths, physics, chemistry, Botany, Zoology, history, geography ,computer science ( only for IX std ) . Communciation Lab / Library

The following groups are offered at Higher Secondary level  (XI to XII):

Part I - Language (a) Tamil / French.
Part II- English
Part III
Group I Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and computer science.
Group II - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Group III- Business maths, commerce, Accountancy and Economics
Group IV– Computer science, Commerce, Accountancy & Economics