Campus Facilities

English is the International Language of communication today.  In our Language Lab students learn through the internationally famous Linguaphone materials by listening to the correct pronunciation, accent and style of the language in the communication lab.   We have a special trainer for Spoken English from classes IV std to IX std.

Shikshaa has made education lively and learning – a pleasurable experience by introducing SMART CLASSES for all then students starting from kindergarten.The Virtual platform blends the strength starting from kindergarten. This virtual platform blends the strengths and advantages of traditional methods of education with cutting edge technology. Three dimensional visualisation of the teacher’s teaching is provided through a smart white board and LCD projector..

The school has automated some of the services through a school management software. Therefore all communications to parents will be made through SMS , Circulars and emails. Periodically students academic performances will be updated and parent can access these data from home through the exclusive USERID which will be provided to them.

Our regular computer lab also provides INTERNET facility for the use of  staff and students to update their knowledge.  Children work in individual computers during their computer classes and get a hands on experience.

The school has a fully furnished library.  It caters to the needs of children by providing them Encyclopedia, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines, Reference books, Comics and much more.

Reverse Osmosis plant
The RO plant is installed in the school, keeping in mind the health of the students. It provides germfree drinking water
School Van
To ensure the safe journey of students the school is operating bus services in different routes. This will safeguard the children from jam-packed town buses.

In one of the Holy books it is mentioned that the eye is the light of the body . Eye sight is an eternal gift from God. How ever due to unforeseen circumstances or unfortunate situations people have lost their eye sight. We at Shikshaa, conduct regular Eye Campswith the help  of nearby hospitals.