Foreword From The Principal

Dawn of the millennium has brought with it more challenges. The challenge now for schools is to equip children with skills needed for unknown challenges of the future. To develop a frame work for imparting 21C teaching and learning, there are few essential skills required which are listed below. These contribute not only to the growth of the individual but also to the nation.

•    Cognitive skills-understanding of core subjects.
•    Innovation skills-critical thinking, problem solving, innovation.
•    Digital literacy skills-information, technology, media.
•    Life skills-communication, collaboration, leadership, global awareness.

Our school aims to provide educational guidance and to promote diversity to create lifelong learners. As children they grow and learn, find joy and satisfaction in working closely with their school inmates towards the common goal of achieving academic excellence. I personally feel that children should be taught to learn how to be productive citizens of tomorrow. I embrace their individuality, their social, emotional, academic and behavioural needs to help them reach their highest potential.

Our motto is to develop every student into a well balanced individual with leadership qualities, capable of responding to the demands of the modern era with commitment to personal growth and community development , for which we have to provide high quality facilities and education in disciplined stimulating learning environment with focus on holistic education. The effort of true education is to unlock the treasure of talents hidden in every child and to transform knowledge in to wisdom.

At this juncture, I wish to place on record my heartfelt gratitude to the Management for the trust and faith they have placed in me and it will be my constant endeavour to strive for all manner of excellence in the all round development and growth of the school and meet the educational needs of our students.

 I always remember the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in man”. Education means “to train the mind “and the process of teaching involves activites related to mental, physical and social development of every child. Every school should provide those facilities which the society needs and society in turn should help the school create an environment needed for the full growth of the child’s personality, so that the child becomes emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened and socially committed. So, it is our prime duty to make our students prospective, productive and purpose ful.

Thank you,